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Chalk & Wire ePortfolio tool at Miami University

Chalk & Wire’s suite of tools and services gives educators the power to build systems that house authentic student work samples and assessment-related data sets. Faculty and administrators can gather relevant data and generate meaningful reports that inform teaching and learning and facilitate academic and professional growth.


Video Tutorials:

Creating Your Chalk & Wire ePortfolio

Chalk & Wire Orientation


PDF Tutorials:

Quick Start Guide for Assessors

Quick Start Guide for Students


Chalk & Wire Account Request Form:

ChalkWire Account Request Form


Statement of use for Faculty and Administrators

Click here to download the Miami Chalk & Wire Statement of use for Faculty and Administrators

Statement of use for Students

Students using Chalk & Wire are bound by the requirements of Chapter 6 in the Student Handbook on Responsible Use of Computing Resources:

Students should be especially aware of copyright and academic integrity policies: the work in your e-portfolio must be your own original work.

Chalk & Wire is a service provided to Miami University by a third-party. You are strongly encouraged to not rely solely on your e-portfolio to store your work material.

Students' accounts will be maintained and discontinued by Miami in accordance with the policy for all network accounts, documented at Miami University Network Account Policy. When you separate from Miami University, you will still be able to give the URL for your portfolio to others, but if you want to continue to be able to add or make changes to the portfolio, you will need to purchase your Chalk and Wire account directly from that service. You can purchase an individual subscription at and then click on the Alumni Renewal Form (PDF format.) You can activate your Chalk & Wire subscription any time after you graduate, as long as you have had an account previously.


For questions please contact or 513.529.7900.


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